What’s cooking at Flickr Studio HQ?

Many people have asked us what features are planned for upcoming versions of Flickr Studio. We have plenty of plans, including:

  • Editing of photo meta data added in v2.0!
  • Organising your photos added in v2.0!
  • Managing sets and collections
  • Geo-tagging your photos added in v2.0!
  • Run automated slideshows added in v2.0!
  • Offline mode to run Flickr Studio where there’s no network connection.
  • And much more! We are loosing sleep over this!

Do I need a Flickr account to use Flickr Studio?

Nope! The ‘world’ and ‘explore’ sections of the app work perfectly fine without a Flickr account. To use the ‘you’ or ‘contacts’ sections, you obviously need an account. We do recommend signing up for Flickr as it is the best photo sharing site out there!

Why does the auth window ask me to choose between read-only, edit or delete rights?

Flickr Studio allows you to choose what kind of access you want the app to have to your photos. Functionality of the app will automatically be adjusted by the amount of access you give it. In read-only mode, the app only displays photos – in read/write mode the app allows you to add favorites, place comments and edit and upload photos. With read/write/delete access you enable the delete function allowing you to delete photos from Flickr right from your iPad.

The sign in doesn’t work!

Please read this post for sign in related problems.

How do I activate the full screen slideshow function?

On the home screen slideshow (and any slideshow in the app), tap anywhere in the photo to toggle  the slideshow menu. Here you can set slideshow options like transition and speed and also go full screen.

How do I switch to another user account?

Since version 2.0, Flickr Studio supports multiple accounts! In the SETTINGS section, you can add one or many Flickr accounts and quickly switch between them with a single tap!


Privacy policy

We recently received an e-mail asking what is the privacy policy for Flickr Studio.

First of all, Flickr Studio is a paid app – this is the earning model for the app. We do not sell any information to third parties nor do we collect any information (except the user settings as described below).

As for your Yahoo/Google/Facebook username and password, these are never actually visible to the app. The sign in process (over https) in Flickr Studio let’s you login in securely and then authorize the app by clicking the blue “Okay I’ll authorize it” callback link. This link sends back an auth token to Flickr Studio, which is used to fetch information from the Flickr API on your behalf. Note that this token is only usable for the Flickr API and not for any other Yahoo services.

What information is being collected? The only information we gather is when the app is started: the homescreen fetches “Flickr Studio news updates” from our webserver and in this request the app sends the version info and some of the user’s settings. The idea is that we can give news updates per version, for example telling 3.0 users that there is a 3.1 update available.

The news fetching request send out by Flickr Studio looks like this:

http://flickrstudioapp.com/<api url>/?v=3.2&fb=ac=2,hsss=0,gsds=1,grvs=0,gspn=0,skst=0,acsg=1,ssqp=0,ssqv=1

As you can see, there is no personally identifiable information send out by the app. The codes are the version and some settings of the app, the idea was to allow us to have an idea of what settings are being used.

  • v is the app version
  • Ac means the number of accounts the user has authorized in the app.
  • Hsss means the home screen slide show setting.
  • ssqp=0,ssqv=1 are the quality settings for photo and video
  • acsg is wether the account signature is on or off
  • skst is the skin setting (true blue or all black)
  • grvs is the remember last view setting
  • gspn is the photo numbers setting
  • gsds is the date separators setting


For example, we learned that less than 1% uses the “Show photos from your stream – Most popular” setting and we might decide to get rid of this setting.