The quickest way see how the app works – view the videos in the Howto’s section!


How to upload with Flick Studio

How to upload photos with the Flickr Studio iPad app. I’m showing where to find the upload section, how to add photos to the queue, how to edit properties of a single photo and how to edit properties on multiple photos (batch) so photos get uploaded in the right photoset and with the right tags and titles and access rights.


 The Flickr Studio batch editor

A quick look at the batch editor in Flickr Studio. I’m showing where to find the batch editor, how to add items to the lightbox and then I set access rights, add tags, add the photos to a set, batch download to the iPad and deleting a batch of photos.


The geo-tagger

A quick look at the Flickr Studio geo-tagger. As easy as pointing to a location and tapping the photo taken there. The fastest way to geo-tag photos already uploaded to Flickr!


The YOU section and a look at various view types

A look at the YOU section in Flickr Studio. This is where you can find all the photos and videos uploaded in your Flickr account. I’m showing the photostream, photo sets, collection, groups, tags, favorites and the search screens. After that, I jump into one of my photo sets and show the different view types you can use to display your photos: list, grid, map, justified grid and finally the slideshow view.