Unfortunately two bugs have surfaced in yesterdays big 2.0 release.

App crash at startup

Symptom: After tapping the Flickr Studio icon the app shows the splash screen for about 5 seconds and then returns back to springboard.

Cause: When there are many photos in the cache (for example, after a “long session”), the cache cleanup that runs when Flickr Studio launches prevents the app from booting in time and iOS kills it.

For now, probably the best solution is to start the app a couple of times. Every time you do, cleanup is taking place and after 2 or 3 times of starting (and exiting) the app should eventually have cleaned the cache and start up. You could also use the “empty cache” button on the settings screen every now and then to clean the cache and avoid long cleanups at app start. As a final resort, you could delete the app from your iPad and download it again. Be aware that this will also cause settings (and accounts) to be removed.

The 2.1 update fixes this by moving the cache cleanup to a background process (after the app finished launching).

Video playback no longer works for some videos

Videos posted by Flickr users who have a space in their screen name will  not play. This is caused by a bug in the way Flickr Studio constructs video URLs.

Update is underway! Update 2.1 released!

Fortunately, thanks to e-mails from our users, we discovered the bug within hours of the release and an update that fixes these issues has been submitted to Apple is available for download  in the app store!

Sorry for the inconvenience!