I just received an e-mail (well actually two) from users who updated Flickr Studio to the latest version. After the update they seem to be unable to start the app. I have found this to be related to the iOS version they were using – the old version 3.2.2

I must have messed up when sending Flickr Studio 2 update to the app store – it seems that Flickr Studio is in fact no longer compatible with 3.2.2 although the app store page says so (for the techies amongst you, this is caused because v2.0 requires the iOS assets library).

So if you are having problems starting the app after installing App Store updates on your iPad, make sure you are in fact on iOS 4.x – You can check this by going to Settings -> About on your iPad and see the “version” field.

Sorry for this inconvenience! Next update will set the minimum required iOS to 4.0