First of all, in case you missed the previous (1.3) update, brace yourself for our complete re-design of Flickr Studio! Everything looks so much better now! For a quick look, visit our brand new website at

This update adds GROUPS support throughout the app. Find any group in the new “Groups” section in Explore. Or browse one of the randomly suggested groups. List all your subscribed groups or everyone else’s (Listing groups works on anyone’s user screen)!

You can now tap any group in the Groups popover on the photo screen, just like tags and sets, to “drill down” and view all contents of that group.

About iOS4 support:
We have tested this version of Flickr Studio on the new iOS 4.2 and everything seems to be working fine! Multitasking is not yet supported because we targeted this release for iOS 3.2 devices. Our next mayor update (planned for December) will be build for the new iOS 4.2 and will support multitasking.

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