What’s New in Version 2.0

This mayor update has so many new features – it’s scary! ~ In short, we have added uploading, batch editing, geo-tagging, slideshows (including vga-out support), quick editing of photo details, delete button, support for multiple Flickr accounts, faaaast loading, adjustable grid sizes, a share feature, recent activity window, in-app help screens and more!

Oh and a new icon, as you can see on the right.

+ Slideshows have been added as a result view throughout the app!
+ Slideshows support external displays!

+ Quick photo edit: A new item in the actions menu on the photo page. Tap this to get a window where you can quickly edit title, description, tags and privacy settings of a photo.
+ Quick photo delete: A new item in the actions menu on the photo page. Tap this to delete the photo from Flickr.
+ The batch editor let’s you perform batch operations on your photos. Select a few or hundreds of photos via the powerful selection tools, then add or change tags to them, add to photo sets, post to groups, or delete photos.
+ The “upload” tab allows you to upload photos from your iPad photo library directly to Flickr. Before uploading you can change properties like titles, descriptions, tags and sets – a bit like the Flickr Uploadr app for Mac and Windows. You can even specify at which size you want photos to upload, decreasing upload time and network usage.
+ Fast geo-tagger: Quickly add geo information to your photos using a set of crosshairs and a map view.

+ Added a slideshow view type. You can find it alongside the list-, grid- and map- icons as a square with a “play” arrow in it. In slideshow view, your results display as a slideshow with adjustable speed, transition,
+ The Grid size is now adjustable. Want a 4×4 grid? Or rather have 9×9 thumbnails? You choose!

+ Groups list now also include private groups that you are a member of.

+ Enhanced the photo slider. The preloading mechanism has been revamped and is much faster now. Photos load faster too!
+ Added a “share photo” option (E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, AddThis)

+ The homescreen slideshow has been enhanced: You can now set the speed, transition type, and use gestures to toggle fullscreen or navigate. One of the coolest new features is the ability to instantly look up any slideshow photo by “long-pressing” it.
+ Added a radar icon. Tap it to see recent activity on your photos.
+ Important news straight from Flickr Studio HQ is now displayed upon startup.

+ There is now support for multiple Flickr accounts. A single tap will switch between accounts.
+ Added in-app help buttons. Tap the button for a quick explanation of interface elements.