Happy new year!

I hope all of you had great holidays and shot many new photos to post to Flickr. Enough with the bubbles and fireworks! Back to work today on version 2.0 of Flickr Studio!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I’ve received a lot of nice feedback from users in the form of e-mails and some app store reviews. A big thanks for that!  I love to get good critique and suggestions and many of your ideas end up being implemented in the app. A great example of this is the blue/black skin choice which was suggested by a user who wasn’t fond of my choice of blue. But also the slideshow controls that will be introduced in version 2.0 were suggested by a couple of users. In other words, your e-mails are read and many ideas are applied to the app!

A 200 photo limit?

If you are having a problem or found a bug in the app, please remember that e-mail is also your friend. There’s even an in-app e-mail to send me your question. It’s really unfortunate that there’s no way for developers to react to app store reviews. For example, today I read this review where a user writes that the app won’t show more than 200 photos while he has thousands of photos up on Flickr. Obviously there is no such limit in Flickr Studio, so I would really like to get in contact  and work with that user to find out what’s happening. But with no way of contacting him it’s hard to help resolve issues such as this one. So again, please contact us if you are having a problem with the app or found a bug. Thanks!

Well, back to work! Version 2.0 will put emphasis on the “Studio” part of Flickr Studio with editing and uploading possibilities!