A quick post for those of you who are experiencing issues with search and/or groups.

Problems with search / viewing group photos

I have received some reports from users yesterday that there are problems with search in Flickr Studio. For example, when searching for a keyword in the Explore>Search section, there may be no results. This problem may also occur when viewing photos within a group (pool), photos in the Hot Tags section and other section that utilise the Flickr search API.

The issue has now been confirmed by Flickr staff. It appears that there are some problems with the Flickr search API. For more info check the (edited) first post of this thread.

Staff Update Jan 06 2011: There are hardware and software issues affecting the search function in Flickr. Our operations team is aware of these problems and working on them. This will probably be an issue for few more weeks. We understand how important it is to make your work available in searches and it is important to us as well.

As you can see, Flickr staff are hard at work fixing this and I’m confident that they will soon!

Some groups don’t turn up

Another problem has surfaced in Flickr Studio which *can* in fact be totally blamed on me: In the You>Groups section, some groups may not show in the list. I can confirm that this is a bug. It will be fixed in the next update (v2.0). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update February 3, 2011

Flickr is indeed working hard to get their search API running smoothly again. I’m quoting Henry Lyne from the Flickr dev team:

We apologize for recent problems with the API search results. We are actively working to resolve problems as they appear and we are also working over the next few weeks to make the service more reliable.

You may still notice some slowness in new photos getting indexed and appearing in results via the Search API. All new photos are getting indexed. Normally it only takes a couple of minutes for new photos to get indexed, but lately when things get really delayed it might take up to a day.

You might still get zero results on a search, when you should be getting some photos back. This is really bad, and we are trying to ensure this happens as little as possible. We will be transitioning the Search API to new servers over the next few weeks and the entire service should become much more reliable.

We apologize again for these problems, we know it can be really frustrating. Thank you for your patience.

Kudos to Flickr for communicating this to the outside world and for working hard to resolve the issues!