Today I have finished up on version 3 and started writing the “what’s new” for the app store update. I thought I’d share it with you so you get an idea of what’s coming. I expect the new update in the app store in about 10 days from now! The update is now in the app store!

Check here for the v3 press release.


I have included some nice changes in this version, many of them requested by users such as yourself! If you have a good idea for the app, contact me!  

- Changed the (blue) navigation bars allowing MORE SPACE for your content and improved readability for various labels throughout the app.

- You can now ROTATE YOUR PHOTOS on Flickr both from the quick edit window and in the batch editor.

- Re-designed the way PHOTO INFORMATION is presented. No more popover windows: information is now presented in non-blocking slide out panels. This allows you to have a panel open, for example the EXIF window, while browsing photos.

- UPLOADS now continue in the background! Added a setting for the number of simultaneous uploads and the default access setting of uthose uploads.

- The PHOTO SCREEN now has a view count and a resolution / size selector. I also changed the looks of the zoom percentage and tried to increase downloading speed by doing some network tweaks.

- Added an URL GRABBER (requested by many of you) that allows you to copy the (short) URL of the photo or the URL of the set to the iPad pasteboard. There is also support for generating GUEST PASSES for either a single photo or for a set.

- Added more TV OUT fun: you can now enable the TV out in any photo view and it will start sending each photo to the TV out.

- Completely re-designed QUICK EDIT window – now including an auto save option for quickly flicking through your photos while editing them. No more waiting for changes to get saved – it all takes place in the background!

- Re-designed the FULL SCREEN mode toolbar: you can now do most things that you could in the main photo screen: add a photo to your favs, read comments or add a comment, view EXIF info, sharing and editing of photos, read the description and more – all while staying in full screen viewing.

- VIEW ON WHITE/BLACK option added to the fullscreen viewing mode. Especially cool if you have a white iPad.

- The BATCH EDITOR now has less crashes, plus a batch rotate feature and a sorting option in the search bar.

- Fixed an annoying bug in the “save to library” option (showing empty sizes list).

- Fixed many crash bugs. Sorry about those, they are often so tricky to find!