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If you have any questions or if you found a bug do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail! But before you do, please have a look at the FAQ to make sure your question hasn’t been answered before.

When reporting a bug, please include information like your Flickr screen name and a way for us to reproduce the bug. We always try to respond to e-mails within the day but sometimes it could take a bit longer (like in the weekends).

Sign in problems?

Flickr sign in is being funky sometimes and I’m not sure why. Maybe it is related to changes at Flickr (implementing support for oAuth could be causing this). This problem seems to affect all Flickr users with a Yahoo-ID. Sign in via Facebook/Google seems unaffected (but is sometimes taking a looong time).

Solution 1: Wait

It may sound crazy, but the easiest solution seems to just wait some hours and try again. I’ve had some people reporting sign in problems only to e-mail me two hours later that the problem disappeared. I’m not sure what is causing these problems, it must have something to do with the changes at Yahoo/Flickr.

Solution 2: Sign in still doesn’t work?

Maybe your Yahoo account needs Captcha verification? This happened to some users because they didn’t sign in to Yahoo for a long time.

1. Log OUT of Flickr on Mobile Safari (on your iPad)

2. On a Desktop PC (in my case, iMac and Safari), go to (NOT and login to Yahoo account – You may now be faced with a captcha challenge (you know, those weird images where you need to type over the letters)

3. Go to Flickr Studio app, start authentication process.

4. One should now be able to login to Yahoo successfully from within Flickr Studio app

5. Flickr’s authorization page will appear within the window, tap “Ok I’ll authorize” and it should work.


“Timestamp refused” error

If you are getting an error: “Problem signing in” Authentication needed : oauth_problem=timestamp_refused you can solve this by changing your iPad timezone  setting. Simply go to Settings App > General > International > Time Zone and make sure the timezone is set to your local time zone. So if you’re in New York, make sure it’s set to timezone New York. Sign in should now work!

Crash logs

If you are reporting a crash, it really helps if you send your app crash logs along with your problem description (what you where doing when the app crashed). Instruction on how to obtain these crash logs can be found here: Crash Logs.

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